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This stainless steel double wall custom tumbler is designed to provide optimal temperature retention for your beverages, making it a reliable choice for keeping your drinks hot or cold. Let's explore its key features and benefits:

Material: The tumbler is constructed from stainless steel. Stainless steel is renowned for its durability, resistance to corrosion, and its ability to maintain the temperature of beverages.

Size: With dimensions of approximately 3.3 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches in height, this tumbler has a compact yet generous size, making it suitable for a variety of drinks.

Double Wall Vacuum Technology: The tumbler features double wall vacuum insulation technology. This technology is known for its exceptional temperature retention capabilities, allowing you to enjoy hot or cold beverages at their optimal temperature for an extended period.

No Heat/No Condensation Outer Wall: The tumbler's outer wall is designed to remain at room temperature, preventing any heat transfer or condensation. This feature ensures a comfortable grip and prevents the formation of moisture on the exterior.

Enhanced Heat and Cold Retention: Compared to standard plastic tumblers, this tumbler boasts 2x heat and cold retention capabilities. This means your hot beverages will stay hot, and your cold beverages will remain chilled for longer.

Air Tight, Flip-Top Lid: The tumbler is equipped with an air-tight, screw-in, flip-top lid that prevents spills and helps maintain the temperature of your drink. This lid design is particularly useful for on-the-go use.

Rubberized Non-Slip Base: The tumbler features a rubberized non-slip base that helps keep it stable and upright on various surfaces, preventing accidental spills or tipping.

Tall and Narrow Design: The tumbler's tall and narrow design ensures it easily fits into most standard cup holders, making it convenient for use in cars, on commutes, or during outdoor activities.

Hand Wash Recommended: While the tumbler offers excellent insulation properties, it is recommended for hand washing to preserve its quality and performance over time.

In summary, this stainless steel double wall custom tumbler is designed to provide outstanding temperature retention, making it ideal for keeping your beverages hot or cold for extended periods. Its durable stainless steel construction, spill-resistant flip-top lid, and non-slip base enhance its usability and convenience. The tumbler's compatibility with cup holders and no-condensation outer wall make it suitable for on-the-go use, whether for commutes or outdoor adventures. Additionally, its compact size and durable design ensure it can withstand daily use while maintaining beverage quality.

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