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These 40 oz. stainless steel tumblers are designed to provide a convenient and durable solution for keeping beverages cold while reducing the risk of spills and condensation. Here are the key features and benefits of these tumblers:

Stainless Steel Construction: The tumblers are crafted from stainless steel, a robust and easy-to-clean material that ensures the longevity of the product. Stainless steel is also known for its resistance to corrosion and staining.

Stainless Steel Straw and Silicone Lid: Each tumbler comes with a stainless steel straw and a silicone lid. These accessories enhance the functionality of the tumbler by providing a means to enjoy beverages with ease while preventing spills.

BPA-Free: The tumblers are BPA-free, which means they are manufactured without harmful chemicals that may pose health risks. This feature underscores the safety and suitability of the tumblers for beverage consumption.

Hand Wash Recommended: To maintain the quality and integrity of the tumblers, it is recommended to hand wash them. Hand washing helps preserve the finish and performance of the stainless steel and keeps the silicone components in good condition.

Spill Prevention: The design of these tumblers includes features that help prevent spills and condensation. This is particularly valuable when using the tumbler in various settings, such as at home, in the car, or during outdoor activities.

Large Capacity: With a generous 40 oz. capacity, these tumblers can hold a substantial amount of liquid, making them suitable for extended periods without the need for frequent refills.

Versatile Placement: The tumblers can be placed anywhere without concern for creating messes. Thanks to their spill prevention features and silicone lid, you can confidently set them down on various surfaces without worrying about leaks.

Customization Options: These stainless steel tumblers provide ample space for custom branding and personalization. You can add your logo, message, or artwork to create customized promotional items, gifts, or merchandise that align with your brand or event.

Additional Imprint Locations and Methods: Depending on your customization preferences, additional imprint locations and methods may be available. This offers flexibility in designing the tumblers to match your specific promotional goals.

In summary, these 40 oz. stainless steel tumblers offer a combination of durability, spill prevention, and customization options. They are suitable for keeping beverages cold and are equipped with accessories like stainless steel straws and silicone lids for added convenience. Whether used as promotional items, branded merchandise, or as part of your daily routine, these tumblers are designed to meet various beverage needs while maintaining a clean and stylish appearance.

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