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This 16 oz. double wall tumbler is a versatile and practical beverage container designed to maintain the temperature of your drinks while offering branding opportunities. Here are its key features and benefits:

Material: The tumbler is constructed from durable plastic, making it suitable for various settings and activities. Its plastic build is both lightweight and robust.

16 oz. Capacity: With a 16 oz. capacity, this tumbler provides ample room for your favorite beverages, whether you prefer hot or cold drinks.

Double-Walled Construction: The tumbler features a double-wall construction, which provides effective insulation. This insulation helps keep your drinks hot or cold for extended periods, allowing you to savor your beverage at the desired temperature.

Matching Screw-On Lid and Straw: The tumbler comes with a matching screw-on lid and straw. The lid helps prevent spills while the included straw makes it easy to sip your drink without needing to remove the lid fully.

BPA Free: It's worth noting that this tumbler is BPA-free, emphasizing its safety and suitability for health-conscious individuals.

Hand Wash Recommended: To ensure the tumbler's longevity and performance, it is recommended for hand washing. This maintenance routine helps preserve the quality of the tumbler over time.

Promotional and Versatile: The tumbler's design makes it suitable for various occasions, making it a versatile promotional item. Whether it's for picnics, parties, or other gatherings, this tumbler can serve as a practical and visually appealing choice.

Customization: The tumbler can be customized with branded designs or logos, making it an effective promotional tool for businesses, events, or organizations.

Additional Imprint Options: Depending on your preferences and requirements, there may be additional imprint locations and methods available, allowing for further customization to align with your branding.

In summary, this 16 oz. double wall tumbler offers effective insulation for maintaining the temperature of your beverages. Its matching screw-on lid and straw provide convenience and minimize the risk of spills. The BPA-free material ensures safety, and hand washing is recommended for maintenance. This tumbler is a versatile choice for promotional purposes, suitable for various events and gatherings. Its customizable design allows for branding opportunities, making it a valuable addition to your promotional merchandise or as a practical item for personal use

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