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These flexible silicone cups are a fantastic choice for those looking to enjoy their favorite beverages without the hassle of disposable plastic cups. Here are some key features and benefits of these reusable silicone cups:

Eco-Friendly Material: These cups are made of eco-friendly and 100% food-grade silicone. This material choice aligns with sustainability goals and reduces the need for disposable plastic cups. Choosing reusable silicone cups is an environmentally conscious decision.

Size: The cups have a size of approximately 3.4 inches in width and 4 inches in height. This size is suitable for holding various beverages, including wine, cocktails, and other drinks. The cups are designed to accommodate typical serving sizes.

Dishwasher Safe: Cleaning these cups is a breeze, as they are dishwasher safe. This convenience simplifies the maintenance of the cups and makes them suitable for everyday use. After use, you can simply place them in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.

Freezer Friendly: These silicone cups are freezer-friendly, allowing you to use them for making chilled drinks or freezing beverages for a refreshing treat. The cups can withstand freezing temperatures without becoming brittle or cracking.

Microwave Safe: The cups are also microwave safe, adding to their versatility. You can use them to heat up beverages or snacks without worrying about damaging the cups. This feature enhances their usability for various purposes.

Random Tie Dye Patterns: Each tie-dye tumbler will have a random pattern, making them unique and eye-catching. This variability adds a fun and artistic element to the cups, making them stand out at events and gatherings.

Customization: While tie-dye patterns are random, the cups are available in other different color mixes as well. If you have specific color preferences or branding requirements, you can contact the supplier for details. This allows for some level of customization to align with your promotional needs.

Durability: These silicone cups are designed for durability. They will not break, dent, fade, or scratch easily, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable option for serving beverages. You can rely on them to withstand regular use and maintain their quality.

Shatterproof: Unlike traditional glass cups, these silicone cups are shatterproof. This feature eliminates the risk of breakage, making them a safer choice for outdoor events, picnics, and gatherings where glass may not be ideal.

In summary, these flexible silicone cups offer a combination of eco-friendliness, convenience, and durability. They are suitable for a range of uses, from everyday beverages to special occasions. The random tie-dye patterns add a touch of fun and uniqueness to each cup. Whether you're planning a promotional event, a picnic, or simply want to replace disposable cups, these reusable silicone cups are a practical and sustainable choice

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