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The description you provided highlights the key features of a promotional water bottle made of PS (Polystyrene) plastic with a built-in spritzer function. Here are the key details and advantages of this water bottle:

Material: The water bottle is constructed from PS plastic. PS plastic is known for its transparency, lightweight nature, and durability, making it a suitable choice for a reusable water bottle.

Spritzer Function: One of the notable features of this water bottle is the built-in spritzer function. This function allows users to spray a fine mist of water, making it ideal for refreshing oneself on hot days, during outdoor activities, or for misting plants. It adds versatility to the bottle's use.

Size: The dimensions of the water bottle are approximately 2.76 inches in diameter and 9.65 inches in height. This size is convenient for holding an adequate amount of water while remaining portable.

Push Top Lid: The bottle includes a push top lid for easy drinking. This lid design allows users to open and close the bottle easily for drinking while helping prevent spills when not in use.

Lid and Carrying Handle: The water bottle features a carrying handle that matches the inner lid color. The handle provides a convenient way to carry the bottle, attach it to bags or backpacks, and adds to its overall portability.

Dimensions: The specific dimensions provided, including the bottle's height and base diameter, offer a clear idea of the bottle's size, making it easy for users to gauge its capacity and fit it into various compartments or holders.

Promotional Use: These water bottles are mentioned as promotional items. Promotional water bottles serve as reusable and eco-friendly alternatives to disposable water bottles. They can be customized with logos, branding, or messages and are suitable for giveaways, corporate gifts, or as part of marketing campaigns.

In summary, this PS plastic water bottle with a spritzer function offers a practical and versatile solution for staying hydrated and refreshed. It combines essential features such as a push top lid and carrying handle with the unique spritzer feature, making it suitable for various purposes. Additionally, its potential for customization makes it an effective promotional tool for brand exposure and eco-conscious marketing efforts.

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