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The elegant champagne flute custom glassware you've described offers a sophisticated way to toast your message and add a touch of refinement to special occasions. Here are the key details and features of these personalized champagne flutes:

Material: These champagne flutes are made of glass, a classic and preferred material for serving champagne and sparkling wines. Glass not only showcases the beverage beautifully but also enhances the overall drinking experience.

Size: Each flute has a capacity to hold 6.5 ounces of liquid. This size is standard for champagne flutes and allows for the ideal serving portion for sparkling wines.

Hand Wash Recommended: To maintain the quality and appearance of these customized champagne glasses, hand washing is recommended. Hand washing helps prevent cloudiness or spotting on the glass, ensuring a crystal-clear presentation for your next celebration.

Incremental Purchase: These champagne flutes are typically sold in increments of 12. This makes them suitable for both intimate gatherings and larger events, allowing you to order the desired quantity to meet your specific needs.

Elegant Style: The mention of an "elegant style" suggests that these champagne flutes have a timeless and sophisticated design. Their classic appearance makes them suitable for a wide range of formal events and celebrations, including weddings, anniversaries, corporate gatherings, and more.

Personalization: These flutes can be personalized with your logo, message, or custom design. Personalized champagne glasses add a unique and memorable touch to events and serve as keepsakes or promotional items.

Versatile Use: While ideal for serving champagne and sparkling wines, these flutes can also be used for other celebratory beverages, such as cocktails, mimosas, and toasts with non-alcoholic options.

Additional Imprint Locations/Methods: The mention of additional imprint locations and methods indicates that you have the flexibility to choose where and how your custom branding or message is applied to the flutes. This allows for creative and eye-catching designs that align with your event theme or branding.

In summary, these elegant champagne flute custom glassware options provide a stylish and practical way to elevate your next celebration. Made of glass, they offer a timeless appeal and can be personalized to convey your unique message. Whether for personal use, corporate events, or promotional purposes, these champagne flutes add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any occasion

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