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Elevate your promotional efforts with the sophistication of a 12 oz. Brandy Snifter Custom Glass. These glasses provide a touch of elegance and are an ideal choice for promoting your upcoming event, whether it's for restaurants, pubs, or special occasions. Here are some key features and benefits of these custom brandy snifter glasses:

Premium Glass Material: Crafted from glass, these snifters offer a classic and timeless look that enhances the drinking experience.

Aroma Preservation: The narrow top of the snifter is designed to capture and concentrate the aroma of the beverage within the glass, allowing the drinker to fully appreciate the scents and flavors.

Ergonomic Design: The rounded bottom of the snifter allows you to comfortably cup the glass and warm the contents with your hand, enhancing the tasting experience for certain types of spirits.

12 oz. Capacity: With a 12 oz. capacity, these snifters are versatile for serving various spirits, including brandy, cognac, whiskey, and more.

Must Be Sold in Increments: Please note that these snifters must be sold in increments of 36.

These brandy snifter glasses are an excellent choice for creating a refined and upscale atmosphere for your event. They can be customized with your logo or event details, making them a memorable keepsake for attendees. Whether you're looking to enhance the drink service at your establishment or create an elegant promotional giveaway, these snifters are a classy and effective option.

Contact us for additional imprinting options and details to create personalized brandy snifter glasses that align with your brand and event theme. Raise a glass to style and sophistication with these custom snifters

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