Product Description

The Wood USB Flash Drive is a unique and eco-friendly storage solution made from wood, offering a distinct way to store and transfer digital data. Here's an overview of its features and customization options:
Key Specifications:
Material: Crafted from natural wood, this USB drive embraces the aesthetics of nature. The sustainable wood material adds a touch of elegance and is an eco-conscious choice for those who appreciate environmentally friendly products.
Dimensions: Measuring 2.6 inches (67mm) in length, 0.8 inches (19.2mm) in width, and 0.7 inches (18.9mm) in thickness, this wood USB drive offers a compact and portable storage solution.
High-Speed USB Interface: The drive is equipped with a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, ensuring swift data transfer and quick access to stored files.
Customization Options:
To align with your branding and design preferences, this wood USB drive can be customized using two methods: color imprinting and laser engraving. These options offer flexibility in adding your company logo, artwork, or promotional message to the drive.
Quick Turnaround:
For your convenience, orders for this USB drive, up to a quantity of 250 items, can be processed and prepared for shipping within three business days. The fast turnaround ensures you receive your customized wood USB drives promptly.
Additional Options:
You have the choice to enhance the presentation of this unique USB drive by selecting additional features such as file upload and gift box options, which may be available for an extra fee. USB gift boxes not only add a touch of sophistication but also provide a practical means of presenting the USB drives to your clients or recipients.
Custom Design:
If you have specific design ideas or wish to create a fully custom USB flash drive design, you have the option to collaborate with 3-D designers. Whether you have a novel product concept, a unique logo shape in mind, or envision a flash drive shaped according to your preferences, these designers are available to bring your ideas to life.
The Wood USB Flash Drive offers a distinctive and eco-conscious solution for businesses, events, or individuals who appreciate the beauty of natural materials. Whether you're promoting eco-friendly products, hosting nature-themed events, or seeking a unique gift item for eco-conscious customers, this wood USB drive provides an ideal choice.
With your company logo or promotional message beautifully displayed on the wood surface, this USB drive is not only a practical storage solution but also an elegant and memorable branding item. Whenever users access their digital data, they will be reminded of your commitment to sustainability and the aesthetics of nature.
This wood USB drive stands out as a promotional item or gift for those who appreciate the blend of technology and eco-friendliness. The appeal of the natural wood material adds an element of sophistication and aligns with sustainability-focused brand values.
Should you wish to explore digital samples, discuss design ideas, or understand how your branding will appear on this wood USB drive, you can connect with the team to ensure that your end product fully embodies your brand identity and objectives.

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