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These Bluetooth custom speakers are designed to provide a versatile and durable audio solution for enjoying music in various environments, regardless of the weather conditions. Here are the key features of these speakers:
300 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery: The built-in rechargeable battery ensures extended playback time, allowing users to enjoy their favorite tunes for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging.
Bluetooth Compatibility: These speakers are equipped with Bluetooth technology, making them compatible with a wide range of devices and providing a convenient wireless audio solution for seamless connectivity.
Playback Controls: Soft silicone buttons on the speakers enable users to easily adjust playback controls, including volume, forward/backward, and call answering functions, providing a user-friendly experience.
Suction Cup and Stand Function: The included suction cup adheres to nearly any flat and hard surface, making it easy to place the speakers in a variety of locations. Additionally, the suction cup can function as a cell phone stand when placed on desktops, adding to the speakers' versatility.
LED Power Indicator: An LED color-changing power indicator enhances the visual appeal of the speakers and provides a clear indication of the power status for convenient monitoring.
USB Charging: The 5V USB cord allows users to recharge the speakers using an external power source, ensuring that the speakers can be easily powered up whenever necessary.
These Bluetooth custom speakers serve as perfect gifts for employees or top clients, offering a high-quality audio experience in a water-resistant and durable package. Their compatibility with Bluetooth devices, convenient suction cup placement options, and user-friendly controls make them an ideal choice for various indoor and outdoor settings, allowing users to enjoy their music in any weather condition.

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