Product Description

The Crystal USB Flash Drive is a stylish and innovative storage solution that combines transparent acrylic plastic and wood, offering a unique way to store and transfer digital data. Here's an overview of its features and customization options:
Key Specifications:
Material: The Crystal USB Drive is crafted from transparent acrylic plastic, allowing your logo to be subsurface 3D engraved, creating an eye-catching and illuminated effect when the drive is plugged in. Additionally, a wooden portion of the drive is available for custom laser engraving, adding a touch of natural elegance to the design.
Dimensions: The drive's dimensions are 2.6 inches (65mm) in length, 0.6 inches (15mm) in width, and 0.8 inches (20mm) in thickness, providing a compact and portable storage solution.
High-Speed USB Interface: The drive is equipped with a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, ensuring rapid data transfer and quick access to stored files.
Customization Options:
The Crystal USB Drive offers various customization options. Your logo can be subsurface 3D engraved within the transparent acrylic surface, creating a visually appealing and illuminated effect when the drive is connected. Furthermore, you can choose to have the wooden portion of the drive custom laser engraved with your company logo, artwork, or message. This combination allows you to create a distinct and memorable branding item.
Light-Up Feature: The Crystal USB Drive can illuminate in one of four colors: blue, white, red, or green when plugged into a USB port. This striking feature adds an extra layer of visual appeal and a captivating way to showcase your branding.
Quick Turnaround:
Orders for this USB drive, with a quantity of up to 250 items, can be processed and prepared for shipping within three business days, ensuring you receive your customized Crystal USB Drives promptly.
Additional Options:
To enhance the presentation of this unique USB drive, you have the option to select additional features such as file upload and gift box options, which may be available for an extra fee. USB gift boxes not only provide an elegant means of presenting the drives but also offer protection during storage and transit.
Custom Design:
If you have specific design ideas or wish to create a fully custom USB flash drive design, the team is available to collaborate with you. Whether you have a novel product concept, a unique logo shape in mind, or envision a flash drive shaped according to your preferences, the 3-D designers are equipped to bring your ideas to life.
The Crystal USB Flash Drive is an ideal choice for businesses, events, or individuals seeking a combination of innovation and natural aesthetics. The blend of transparent acrylic plastic and wood creates a stylish and unique design that's perfect for showcasing your logo in a captivating manner.
The illumination feature of the Crystal USB Drive, available in four colors, makes it stand out as an appealing and memorable promotional item or gift. Whether used to distribute digital content or as a giveaway at trade shows, conferences, or product launches, this drive adds a touch of elegance and innovation to your promotional efforts.
With your logo beautifully subsurface 3D engraved and the option for custom laser engraving on the wooden portion, this USB drive captures attention and ensures that your branding is prominently displayed in a unique way. It's an excellent choice for brands looking to leave a lasting impression on clients and recipients.
If you want to explore digital samples, discuss design ideas, or ensure that your branding will be presented in the best way possible on the Crystal USB Drive, the team is readily available to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life.
The combination of clear acrylic and wood, along with the illuminated logo, makes the Crystal USB Drive a distinctive and captivating option for those looking to blend technology with elegance in a promotional item. Whether you're promoting technology-related products or simply want to offer a unique gift, the Crystal USB Drive is designed to impress and engage your audience.

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