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The phone dash mount for a car is a versatile accessory designed to securely hold your phone in various positions in both horizontal and vertical directions. This convenience allows you to use your phone for various purposes, such as watching movies or charging it while you're on the go. Here are some key features and specifications of this cell phone holder:
Size: The mount has dimensions of 2.36 x 2.36 x 1.77 inches, making it compact and suitable for most car dashboards.
Compatibility: It is designed to accommodate most kinds of cell phones or GPS devices that have a thickness ranging from 6mm to 12mm. This ensures broad compatibility with various smartphone models.
Stability: The car dashboard phone mount employs a square-based design, which enhances stability. It securely supports your cell phone at four points, preventing shaking or slipping, even during bumpy rides.
Materials: The mount is constructed from silicone and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), providing durability and reliability.
Strong Adhesive: It features strong adhesive properties to ensure a secure attachment to your car's dashboard.
360° Rotatable Turntable: The base design incorporates a 360-degree rotatable turntable. This feature allows you to adjust the angle of your phone as needed, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. You can easily switch between portrait and landscape orientations for navigation or entertainment.
Convenient Design: The design of this phone dash mount is user-friendly, providing a convenient solution for holding your phone while driving. It helps you keep your hands free and focus on the road.
The cell phone car holder is a practical accessory that enhances your driving experience by offering a safe and accessible way to use your phone while on the road. It's particularly useful for activities like navigation or hands-free phone calls.
If you're interested in customization options, additional imprint locations, or specific details, it's recommended to contact the supplier or manufacturer for further information.
In summary, this phone dash mount for a car combines functionality, stability, and ease of use, ensuring that your phone is readily accessible while you drive without compromising safety.

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