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The Elegant Bamboo Rollerball & Ballpoint Pen Gift Set is a sophisticated and eco-friendly promotional gift set that includes two pens and a laser-engraved bamboo case.

Here are the key features and details of this elegant pen gift set:

  • Bamboo Material: Both the pens and the case are made of bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource, making this gift set an environmentally friendly choice. It also adds a touch of natural elegance to the set.
  • Two Pens: The gift set includes two types of pens:
  • Rollerball Pen: This pen features a smooth and precise rollerball tip, ideal for effortless and fluid writing.
  • Ballpoint Pen: The ballpoint pen offers a twist-action mechanism for easy pen deployment. It provides reliable and long-lasting black ink.
  • Customization: The bamboo case can be laser-engraved with your logo, brand name, or a personalized message. Laser engraving creates a lasting and elegant impression on the bamboo surface, ensuring that your brand is prominently displayed.
  • Gift-Ready: The set comes in an elegant bamboo case with a secure closure. The case is designed to showcase the pens and protect them during storage or presentation. It measures approximately 6.88 inches in length, 2.16 inches in width, and 0.98 inches in height.
  • Employee Recognition: This gift set is described as great for employee recognition gifts. It's a thoughtful and sophisticated way to acknowledge and reward employees for their contributions and achievements. The high-quality pens and engraved case add a touch of prestige to the recognition. 
  • Lasting Brand Recognition: Laser engraving ensures that your branding remains visible and enduring. Recipients of the gift set will be reminded of your brand every time they use the pens or see the engraved case.
  • Ink: The pens come standard with black ink, which is a versatile and widely used ink color for various writing tasks.
  • Appreciated Gift: The elegant design and practicality of this pen gift set make it a gift that recipients are likely to appreciate and use. It's suitable for various occasions, including corporate gifting, promotional giveaways, or special events.


Overall, the Elegant Bamboo Rollerball & Ballpoint Pen Gift Set combines style, sustainability, and practicality. It's a versatile and classy promotional item that can effectively promote your brand while offering recipients a functional and attractive writing instrument set

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