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The imprinted yoga mat you've described is a versatile and customizable fitness accessory that can help promote your brand while offering comfort and convenience for yoga practitioners. Here are its key features and benefits:

  • Material: The yoga mat is made from microfiber polyester, which is a soft and comfortable material for yoga practice. It provides a smooth surface that's gentle on the skin and can help prevent slipping during poses.
  • Rubber Backing: Each yoga mat is equipped with a black rubber backing. This backing ensures stability and prevents the mat from sliding around on the floor during use, enhancing safety and comfort.
  • Mesh Carrying Case: The inclusion of a mesh carrying case adds convenience for users. It allows for easy storage and transport of the yoga mat, making it suitable for use in various settings, such as gyms, studios, or home workouts.
  • Branding Opportunity: The yoga mat can be customized with a full-color dye sublimated imprint on the top of the mat. This customization option allows you to prominently display your logo, brand message, or any other design elements, making it an effective promotional tool.
  • Size: The yoga mat has dimensions of 24 inches in width, 68 inches in length, and a thickness of 0.06 inches. This size provides ample space for yoga practice and accommodates users of various heights and sizes.
  • No Set-Up Charge: The absence of a set-up charge means that you can order these custom yoga mats without incurring additional fees, making it a cost-effective promotional item.
  • Versatility: Imprinted yoga mats are suitable for use in fitness centers, yoga studios, or as branded merchandise for yoga instructors. They allow you to bring your logo and brand message into fitness facilities and reach a fitness-conscious audience.

In summary, imprinted yoga mats made from microfiber polyester offer a comfortable and branded solution for yoga practitioners. They are designed for stability, ease of transport, and effective branding. Whether used in yoga studios or as promotional giveaways, these mats provide both functionality and promotional value.

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