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This product description highlights the key features and benefits of the 18 oz. silicone custom water bottle. Here's a breakdown of the important details:

 Capacity: The water bottle has a capacity of 18 oz., indicating its size and the amount of liquid it can hold.

 Collapsible Design: The bottle is described as having a unique, collapsible design. This design feature allows the bottle to be collapsed down when it's not in use, making it easier to store and saving up to 50% of space. This collapsible feature is especially convenient for travel and storage.

 Lightweight: The bottle's design is highlighted as lightweight, which adds to its portability and ease of use.

 BPA-Free: The bottle is labeled as BPA-free, indicating that it is free from bisphenol A, a chemical often avoided in food and beverage containers due to potential health concerns.

 Carabiner: It is mentioned that the bottle comes with a matching carabiner. This carabiner can be used to attach the bottle to bags, belts, or other gear, making it convenient for outdoor activities or travel.

 Imprint Size: The available imprint size for customization is provided as 0.39" in height by 1.38" in width. This information is useful for those interested in adding custom logos or designs to the bottle.

 Additional Imprint Options: The description suggests that there may be additional imprint locations and/or methods available for customization. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the provider for more details.

 In summary, this 18 oz. silicone custom water bottle offers a unique collapsible design, making it easy to save space and store when not in use. It is lightweight, BPA-free, and comes with a matching carabiner for added convenience during outdoor activities or travel. Customization options are available for those interested in imprinting their logos or designs on the bottle. Further customization details can be obtained by contacting the provider

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