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The personalized power bank you're interested in is a handy and compact backup power source for smartphones, ensuring you're always prepared, even without access to an outlet. Here are the key features:
Material: The power bank is constructed from durable aluminum, offering both a sleek appearance and long-lasting performance.
Capacity: With a 2600mAh capacity, this power bank can provide a sufficient charge to most smartphones, offering peace of mind when you need a battery boost.
Dimensions: It measures 4.7 inches in length, with a diameter of 0.9 inches (120mm x 23mm x 23mm). This compact size makes it easy to carry in your pocket, bag, or purse.
Input/Output: The power bank has an input of 5V/1A and an output of 5V/1A. These specifications allow for efficient and reliable charging of your devices.
Customization Options: You have the choice to customize this power bank through color imprinting or laser engraving, enabling you to add your logo or branding for maximum visibility.
Imprint Areas: Your logo or design can be placed on both the front and reverse sides of the power bank, ensuring that your branding is prominently featured.
USB Cable: The power bank comes with a USB cable, making it convenient for users to recharge the power bank and connect it to their devices.
Ready to Ship: The power bank can be shipped within 3 business days for orders of 100 items or fewer.
Gift Box: If desired, a gift box is available for an additional fee.
This power bank provides a reliable solution for anyone who needs a portable and compact charging option for their smartphone. It ensures that your device stays powered until you can access a traditional charging source. Additionally, the opportunity for customization allows you to promote your brand while providing a useful gift to your clients, employees, or partners.
If you have specific questions or require further assistance, don't hesitate to contact your Brand Consultant, who can guide you in selecting the right power bank and customization options for your specific needs.
In summary, the 2600mAh Personalized Power Bank offers both functionality and branding opportunities, making it a valuable promotional or corporate gift.

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