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The 8 oz Clear PET Plastic Cups are a versatile and eco-friendly option for serving beverages at various events and businesses. Here are the key details about these cups:

Material: PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic, which is known for its recyclability and clarity.

Color: Clear, allowing the contents of the cup to be easily visible.

Capacity: Each cup has an 8 oz capacity, making it suitable for a variety of beverage sizes.

Dimensions: The cups have the following dimensions:

Top Diameter: 3.1" (78mm)

Bottom Diameter: 1.8" (46mm)

Height: 3.3" (84mm)

Quantity: Each case contains 1000 cups, making it ideal for businesses and events with high-volume beverage service.


Recycled PET: These cups are made from PET plastic, which is one of the most recycled plastics in the world. Using recycled PET reduces the environmental impact and supports sustainability efforts.

Strength and Durability: Despite being disposable and economical, PET plastic cups offer strength and durability, making them suitable for various beverage types, including both cold and room temperature drinks.

Clarity: PET plastic is known for its excellent clarity, allowing the beverage's color and appearance to be showcased effectively. This is especially important for businesses that want their drinks to look appealing.

Ideal Uses:

Microbreweries: Ideal for serving craft beers, ciders, and other beverages in tasting rooms or at special events.

Grand Openings: Customized or branded PET cups are a great way to celebrate and promote a business's grand opening.

Special Events: Suitable for weddings, parties, and other special occasions where beverages need to be served in a hygienic and clear container.

Tradeshows: Branded PET cups can be used as promotional items or giveaways at tradeshows and corporate events.

Food and Beverage Businesses: Restaurants, cafes, juice bars, and food trucks can use these cups to serve a variety of beverages to their customers.

Outdoor Events: Perfect for outdoor festivals, picnics, and sporting events where disposable cups are convenient.

Using imprinted or branded PET cups for serving drinks is indeed an effective sensory marketing tactic. These cups offer both practicality and visual appeal, making them a valuable addition to your beverage service supplies. Whether you're promoting your brand or serving refreshing beverages, these clear PET cups are a sustainable and economical choice.

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