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The 8 oz White Paper Cups are a versatile product that, when combined with your company's message, can effectively promote your brand. Here are the key features of these cups:

Rolled Rim for Rigidity and Strength: These paper cups are designed with a rolled rim. This feature enhances the cups' rigidity and strength, making them less likely to deform or collapse when filled with liquids. The rolled rim adds durability to the cups, ensuring that they can hold their shape and prevent spills.

Fits with All Standard 8 oz Lids: These cups are compatible with standard 8 oz lids. This compatibility makes it easy to seal the cups, preventing spills and allowing for convenient use with various types of lids. It provides flexibility for different beverage and food service options.

Suitable for Beverage Temperatures up to 205 Degrees F: The cups are suitable for a wide range of beverage temperatures, withstanding temperatures of up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This versatility makes them suitable for serving both hot and cold beverages, adding to their practicality.

Polyethylene Lining for Leak Resistance: To prevent leaking and moisture penetration, these paper cups are lined with polyethylene. This lining acts as a barrier, ensuring that liquids stay securely inside the cups without seeping through. It provides peace of mind for both customers and businesses.

Thick Paper Wall for Everyday Use: The cups feature a thick paper wall, which adds to their overall durability. This thickness makes them suitable for everyday use, whether in offices, restaurants, parties, or other settings. The cups can withstand regular handling and use.

Product Details:

Product Material: Paper

Product Size: 0 x 0 x 0 cm

Imprint Method: Screen Printing

Packing Method:

Ideal Uses:

Food and Beverage Service: These cups are ideal for serving a variety of beverages, including hot and cold drinks.

Office Settings: Offices can provide these cups for coffee, tea, and other beverages in break rooms.

Restaurants: Restaurants can use these cups for dine-in and takeout beverage service.

Party and Event Catering: These cups are suitable for serving beverages at parties, gatherings, and events.

Outdoor Activities: Whether for picnics or outdoor events, these cups are practical for serving drinks.

The 8 oz White Paper Cups are a versatile and practical choice for serving beverages in various settings. Their rolled rim, compatibility with lids, resistance to leaking, and suitability for different temperatures make them a reliable option for your company's branding and messaging. Customers will appreciate their convenience and durability.

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