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The Choice Clear Plastic Flat Lid with Straw Slot is an essential accessory for businesses serving cold beverages on the go. Here are the key details about this lid:

Material: PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic, known for its clarity, strength, and recyclability.

Color: Clear, providing excellent visibility of the beverage and accommodating any straw color.

Capacity: Designed to fit both 8 oz and 9 oz PET cups, making it versatile for various beverage sizes.

Dimensions: The lid has a top diameter of 3.1" (78mm), perfectly matching the rim size of 78mm on the cups.

Quantity: Each case contains 1000 flat lids, making it suitable for businesses and events with high-volume beverage service.


Compatibility: This flat lid is compatible with 8 oz and 9 oz PET cups, offering versatility and reducing the need for multiple lid sizes. It simplifies inventory management and storage.

Straw Slot: The lid features a convenient straw slot, allowing customers to insert a straw for easy sipping. This feature is ideal for a wide range of cold beverages, including fountain drinks, fruit smoothies, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and more.

Clear Design: Made from clear PET plastic, this lid provides excellent beverage visibility. Customers can see their drinks clearly, enhancing their overall experience.

Ideal Uses:

Kiosks and Concession Stands: Perfect for serving cold beverages at outdoor events, sports games, fairs, and festivals. The straw slot adds convenience for customers on the move.

Fast-Food Restaurants: Use this lid for to-go orders of cold drinks, ensuring that customers can enjoy their beverages without spills.

Convenience Stores: Enhance your beverage offerings with this spill-resistant lid for customers purchasing cold drinks.

To-Go Establishments: Whether you run a cafe, juice bar, or smoothie shop, this lid is a practical choice for takeout and delivery orders.

Catering Services: Ideal for catering events where cold beverages need to be served conveniently and mess-free.

Food Trucks: Ensure that your customers' cold drinks remain secure and easily accessible while enjoying their meals.

The Choice Clear Plastic Flat Lid with Straw Slot is a versatile and essential accessory for businesses that serve a variety of cold beverages. Its compatibility with multiple cup sizes, clear design, and included straw slot make it a valuable addition to your beverage service supplies. Whether you're offering fresh-squeezed lemonade, fruit smoothies, or fountain drinks, this lid helps ensure that your customers can enjoy their cold beverages without spills or mess

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