Product Description


Certainly, here's the description of the 20 Ounce Ripple Insulated Paper Cups, a useful promotional item for your company message:

Product Description:

When your company message is featured on a useful item like the 20 Ounce Ripple Insulated Paper Cups, it's more likely to capture the attention of your prospects. These 20-ounce paper cups are designed with built-in insulation and an innovative ripple wall insulated design. They are constructed with 100% premium paper, making them easily recyclable after use. Whether used in outdoor or indoor settings, restaurants, parties, offices, or various other occasions, these cups provide an excellent opportunity for your message to consistently remain in front of your target audience.

Key Features:

Built-in Insulation: The cups come with built-in insulation, ensuring that beverages inside stay at the desired temperature for longer.

Innovative Ripple Wall Design: The innovative ripple wall design not only provides insulation but also adds a visually appealing element to the cups.

Premium Paper Construction: Made with 100% premium paper, these cups are both eco-friendly and easily recyclable after use.

Product Details:

Product Material: Paper

Product Size: 0 x 0 x 0 cm

Imprint Method: Screen Printing

Packing Method:


Versatile Usage: These cups are suitable for a wide range of settings, including outdoor and indoor events, restaurants, parties, offices, and more.

By featuring your company message on the 20 Ounce Ripple Insulated Paper Cups, you not only provide a practical item but also ensure that your message remains consistently visible to your target audience. The insulation and innovative ripple wall design make these cups an attractive choice for various occasions, and their eco-friendly paper construction allows for easy recycling after use.

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