Product Description

Product Description:

Stay dry in style with the Custom Nylon Umbrella featuring a 42" arc nylon canopy. This umbrella is designed to protect you from the rain while promoting your business with a prominent logo imprint. It comes with a sleek silver handle for a touch of sophistication and a matching colored sleeve with a zipper for easy storage and transport. When closed, it measures just 9.5" in length, making it convenient to carry in your bag or briefcase.

Key Features:

  • Nylon Canopy: The umbrella features a durable nylon canopy designed to keep you dry on rainy days.
  • 42" Arc: With a generous 42" arc, this umbrella provides ample coverage to shield you from rain.
  • Silver Handle: The silver handle adds a touch of elegance to the umbrella's design.
  • Matching Colored Sleeve: The umbrella comes with a matching colored sleeve that features a zipper for secure closure. This sleeve keeps the umbrella compact and easy to carry when not in use.
  • 5" Length When Closed: When closed, the umbrella measures just 9.5" in length, making it easy to fit in your bag or briefcase.
  • Promotional Opportunities: Use custom umbrellas as giveaways at outdoor events, company picnics, and other occasions. They are also excellent promotional tools for your business, with the option to prominently display your logo.

Product Specifications:

  • Canopy Material: Nylon
  • Handle: Silver
  • Arc Size: 42"
  • Closed Length:5"
  • Sleeve: Matching Colored with Zipper

Promote Your Brand with Practicality: The Custom Nylon Umbrella with Silver Handle and Zippered Sleeve combines practicality with brand promotion. Its nylon canopy offers durability and effective rain protection, with a 42" arc for generous coverage. The silver handle adds a touch of sophistication to the design. The matching colored sleeve features a zipper for convenient storage and transport, and when closed, the umbrella is a compact 9.5" in length. Use these custom umbrellas as giveaways at outdoor events, company picnics, and more to keep your customers dry while prominently displaying your logo for maximum brand exposure.

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