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The ABS plastic multi-earphone adapter is a practical accessory for anyone who wants to share music or audio from a single device with friends or family. Here are the key features and details of this adapter:
Material: The adapter is made of ABS plastic, a durable and lightweight material. ABS plastic is commonly used in electronic accessories due to its durability and affordability.
Size: The product dimensions are approximately 2.04 inches by 2.04 inches by 0.47 inches (5.2 cm x 5.2 cm x 1.2 cm). It's a compact and portable accessory that can easily be carried in a pocket or bag.
Line Length: The adapter comes with a line that is approximately 7.87 inches (20 cm) in length. This line connects to the audio source device and provides flexibility for sharing audio with others.
Compatibility: The adapter is compatible with all devices that have a standard 3.5mm audio jack. This includes media players, mobile phones, DVD players, and other devices commonly used for audio playback.
Sharing Audio: The primary purpose of this adapter is to split the audio line from a single device into five separate 3.5mm ports. This allows multiple sets of headphones or earphones to be connected to the same device, enabling users to share audio simultaneously. It's a practical solution for watching movies, listening to music, or sharing content during travel or gatherings.
Connector Cord: The adapter comes with a white connector cord cable. This cable connects the adapter to the audio source device, making it easy to share audio.
In summary, the ABS plastic multi-earphone adapter is a simple yet practical accessory for sharing audio with friends or family. It's compatible with a wide range of devices, compact and portable, and allows multiple headphones to be connected to a single audio source. This makes it ideal for group listening scenarios, whether you're traveling, watching a movie, or simply sharing music with friends.

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