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The custom rubber duck you described is a fun and adorable promotional item that can bring joy to both children and adults while effectively promoting your brand. Here are some key details about this promotional rubber duck:

  • Material: The rubber duck is made from safe and durable rubber, ensuring it is free from toxic materials and safe for use.
  • Color: It comes in the classic bright yellow color, which is iconic for rubber ducks.
  • Product Size: The rubber duck has dimensions of 1.8 inches in width, 1.6 inches in height, and 1.4 inches in length. Custom sizes may be available upon request.
  • Imprint Size: You can customize the rubber duck with your logo or message, with a maximum imprint size of 0.6 inches in width and 0.3 inches in height.
  • Bath-Time Fun: The rubber duck is a beloved bath-time toy for children. It floats on water, making bath time more enjoyable and entertaining for kids.
  • Sound Feature: It produces "BEBE" sounds when squeezed, adding an element of fun and interaction during bath time.
  • Promotional Use: These custom rubber ducks can be given away at various events such as product demonstrations, trade shows, or promotions for bath and bathroom accessories brands or services.
  • Digital Proofs: You can receive digital proofs for free, which allows you to preview and approve the design before production.
  • Child-Friendly: The rubber duck is safe for children to play with, making it a great promotional item for parents who may be interested in purchasing it for their kids.
  • Stress Reliever: In addition to bath time, rubber ducks can also serve as stress relievers for adults, providing a source of comfort and nostalgia.

In summary, this custom rubber duck is a delightful and memorable promotional item suitable for a wide range of events and audiences. Its child-friendly design, classic yellow color, and sound feature make it a versatile and engaging promotional tool that can bring smiles to both children and adults while promoting your brand effectively.


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