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The Mini Custom Basketball and Hoop Set is a fun and interactive promotional item that can be enjoyed both in the office and at home. Here are the key features and benefits of this mini basketball set:

  • Materials: The set includes a PVC basketball with a 3.15-inch diameter, ensuring it's lightweight and suitable for indoor use. The backboard is made of clear material with red markings.
  • Size: The backboard measures approximately 7.87 inches in width and 6.3 inches in height, providing a compact and convenient size for mounting on various surfaces.
  • Easy Installation: The set arrives pre-assembled, and it features two suction cups on the back, allowing for easy and secure mounting on smooth surfaces such as glass or office walls.
  • Versatility: This mini basketball and hoop set can be placed in the office for some fun during breaks or in a home setting for recreational use. It offers a convenient way to de-stress and engage in some friendly competition.
  • Promotional Tool: The set can be customized with your branding, making it an excellent promotional item for sports-related promotions or as a corporate giveaway. It's a unique and interactive way to promote your message.
  • Entertainment: Whether in the office or at home, the mini basketball set offers a source of entertainment and a break from daily routines. It can be enjoyed by individuals or as a friendly office competition.
  • Additional Imprint: The mention of additional imprint locations and methods suggests the possibility of customizing the set further with your brand logo or message.

In summary, the Mini Custom Basketball and Hoop Set is a versatile and engaging promotional item that brings a bit of fun and entertainment to the office or home. Its easy installation and customization options make it an effective tool for promoting your brand or message.

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