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The brass name tags you've described appear to be a simple and classic option for personal identification. Here are the key features and options:

  • Engraved Personalization: These name tags can be personalized with one line of engraved information. This straightforward approach ensures clarity and simplicity in displaying the wearer's name or other relevant details.
  • Attachment Options: The name tags come standard with a jeweler's pin attachment. However, you have the option to choose other attachment methods, though there may be an additional fee for certain options. This customization allows wearers to select the attachment style that best suits their comfort and preferences.
  • Corner Styles: The name tags come with round corners as a standard option. If desired, you can request square corners or square corners with beveled edges at no additional charge. This customization enables you to choose the design that aligns with your aesthetic preferences or branding.
  • Additional Customization Options: The mention of additional imprint locations and methods suggests that you may have the flexibility to further customize the name tags. This can be valuable for incorporating additional branding elements, such as logos or slogans, or for adding more information as needed.
  • Convenient Contact Option: The offer to contact for additional details indicates a willingness to provide more information, such as pricing, quantities, or specific customization options. This can be helpful for customers looking to tailor their name tags to their specific needs.

In summary, these brass name tags offer a straightforward and customizable solution for personal identification. Their simplicity, range of attachment options, corner style choices, and potential for additional customization make them suitable for various settings, including corporate events, conferences, retail, and more.

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