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The description you provided outlines the key features and benefits of a custom plastic water bottle made of high-quality PC (Polycarbonate). Here are the main details and advantages of this water bottle:

Material: The water bottle is constructed from high-quality PC, which is a durable and impact-resistant plastic material. PC is known for its clarity, making it suitable for a transparent design that allows users to monitor their daily water intake easily.

Size: The dimensions of the water bottle are approximately 8.5 centimeters (3.35 inches) in diameter and 27 centimeters (10.63 inches) in height. This size is convenient for holding an ample amount of water while remaining portable and easy to carry.

Leakproof Design: The water bottle is designed to be leakproof, ensuring that liquids are securely contained within the bottle, preventing spills or leakage when carried in bags or backpacks.

Encouraging Hydration: The transparent design of the bottle allows users to monitor their daily water consumption easily. This feature serves as a visual reminder and encouragement to stay hydrated throughout the day, promoting better health and well-being.

Easy to Carry: The bottle's design includes features that make it easy to carry, whether by hand or in a bag. The convenient size and shape, combined with its leakproof nature, enhance its portability.

Promotional Use: The description suggests that this water bottle is a perfect gift for everyone, indicating its suitability as a promotional or corporate gift. Custom plastic bottles like these can be customized with logos, branding, or messages, making them effective marketing tools or giveaways.

Additional Customization: The mention of "additional imprint locations and/or methods" suggests that further customization options are available. This allows for flexibility in branding and design to meet specific promotional needs.


In summary, this high-quality PC water bottle with a transparent design encourages users to stay hydrated by providing a visible way to monitor daily water intake. Its leakproof and portable design makes it suitable for various settings, from daily use to on-the-go activities. Additionally, its potential for customization makes it an excellent choice for promotional purposes and as a gift item for a wide range of recipients

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