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The Clear Plastic Lid with Straw Slot is a must-have accessory for various businesses, including concession stands, take-out restaurants, coffee shops, and more. This lid is designed to keep your customers' drinks covered and protected while minimizing the risk of messy spills. Here are the key details about this plastic lid:

Color: Clear with a white straw slot

Compatibility: This lid is specifically designed to fit 16 oz and 22 oz cold cups with a rim size of 90mm. It is intended for use with cold beverages.

Quantity: Each case contains 1000 lids, making it suitable for businesses with high-volume drink service.


Beverage Protection: This lid is designed to cover and protect your customers' drinks from airborne contaminants, dust, and debris, ensuring a clean and hygienic drinking experience.

Straw Slot: The lid features a convenient straw slot, allowing customers to easily insert a straw for sipping without removing the lid. This slot also helps reduce the risk of spills.

Secure Fit: The lid provides a tight and secure fit on the cup, reducing the likelihood of spills or leaks even if the cup is accidentally knocked over.

Versatile Use: It is ideal for serving a wide range of cold beverages, including soda, iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade, and more.

Durable Material: Typically made from durable materials like polystyrene (PS) or other food-safe plastics, these lids are designed to withstand normal use without cracking or breaking.

Ideal Uses:

Concession Stands: Perfect for serving cold drinks at concession stands during sporting events, fairs, and festivals.

Take-Out Restaurants: Essential for take-out and food delivery services to ensure that cold beverages remain covered and protected during transport.

Coffee Shops: Ideal for serving iced coffee, iced lattes, and other cold coffee beverages.

Self-Serve Stations: Use at self-serve soda fountains and drink stations to provide customers with lids for their cold beverages.

Outdoor Events: Valuable for outdoor gatherings, picnics, and parties to maintain beverage hygiene.

The Clear Plastic Lid with Straw Slot is a practical solution for businesses and events where cold beverages are served. Its straw slot and secure fit make it convenient for customers while also helping to maintain beverage hygiene. Whether you're serving refreshing iced drinks or other cold beverages, this lid is a useful addition to your drink service supplies.

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