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The White Reclosable Paper Hot Cup Lid is designed to provide a convenient and spill-free solution for enjoying hot beverages on the go. Whether you're serving coffee, tea, or other hot drinks, this lid is an excellent choice for coffee shops, cafes, convenience stores, and more. Here are the key features and details of this product:


Spill-Reduction Tab: The lid features a reclosable tab that reduces the chances of liquid splashing out of the cup. This tab helps keep the beverage warm before consumption and prevents spills during transport.

Locking Tab: Once opened, the tab can be locked back into the drinking position. This locking feature acts as a cover, further preventing splashing and ensuring that your customers can enjoy their hot drinks without mess.

Versatile Compatibility: The lid is designed to fit hot cups with rim sizes of 90mm. It is suitable for 12 oz and 16 oz hot cups, providing flexibility for different drink sizes.

Material: Constructed from PS (polystyrene), a durable and food-safe material commonly used for lids and packaging.

Product Details:

Color: White

Top Diameter: 3.5" (90mm)

Capacity: 12 oz | 16 oz (Fits cups within this range)

Material: PS (Polystyrene)

Product Type: Lids

Pieces Per Case: 1000

Ideal Uses:

Coffee Shops and Cafes: These reclosable lids are ideal for coffee shops and cafes that serve hot beverages. They enhance the takeaway experience for customers.

Convenience Stores: Convenience stores can offer these lids for hot drink dispensers, allowing customers to seal their cups before leaving the store.

Food Trucks: Food trucks serving hot drinks can benefit from these lids to ensure customers can enjoy their beverages while on the move.

Office Break Rooms: Offices can provide these lids for employees in break rooms, making it easy for them to carry hot drinks without spills.

Outdoor Events: These lids are valuable at outdoor events, festivals, and gatherings, ensuring attendees can enjoy hot drinks without mess.

The White Reclosable Paper Hot Cup Lid is a practical solution to enhance the convenience and spill resistance of your hot beverage service. Its versatility in accommodating different cup sizes and the added feature of the locking tab make it an excellent choice for businesses and events where hot drinks are served to-go. Whether you're serving 12 oz or 16 oz hot cups, this lid is designed to fit your needs.

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